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PTZ Mover raises and lowers the PTZ Camera remotely
PTZ Mover with plate attachment
PTZ Mover installed in a ceiling
PTZ Mover installed in a ceiling and remotely lowered
PTZ Mover- An Industry First!

PTZ Mover- An Industry First!

    • Description

    The hands-free PTZ camera mount that robotically rises and lowers from up to 1,000 feet away. 

    Perfectly position your PTZ camera to the many heights you need without ever leaving your seat!  

    What is the PTZ Mover?

    • It’s a robotic PTZ camera mount that’s FULLY HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE from up to 1,000 feet away.
    • Easily adjust the height of your mounted PTZ camera, as often as you need!
    • Expands your filming possibilities with height-adjustability options.
    • Centralizes control into the hands of the stage operator.
    • Eliminates the need for stagehand walk-ons to make adjustments by hand.

    Height Changes Made ROBOTICALLY!

    As the first of its kind, the PTZ Mover mounts to every PTZ camera on the market, then rises or lowers remotely according to your needs!  Adjust it from up to 1,000 feet away, through the venue control panel, your laptop, or our hand-held LCD controls

    Why PresenterTek?

    At PresenterTek, we’re on a mission to make game-changing innovations that solve real-world problems.  To identify those problems in AV production, we asked audio engineers and sound techs to identify their biggest challenges.  Then, we invented first-in-class products solving those problems.  Whether you’re shopping for a single item upgrade, or the complete Touchless Solutions Suite, PresenterTek offers top-quality innovation at affordable price points.  

    Compact and Clever!

    PresenterTek engineers realize that, above all, the PTZ Mover must be user-friendly.  So, we made our interfaces fully integrated and intuitive.

    Invaluable, Yet Affordable!

    The PTZ Elevator saves time and money by making PTZ camera height adjustments easy.  It  also saves time and interruption by eliminating repeated stagehand walk ons. It replaces the high-touch activity of making manual adjustments.  

    Touchless = Safety

    Touchless technology creates a safe environment by eliminating the contagions exposure that’s unavoidable with hand adjustments.  And that, in turn necessitates wipe-downs and the use of sanitizing sprays, which can damage costly equipment.

    Click here for PTZ Mover White Paper