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Telestepper & AV Stands Package

Telestepper & AV Stands Package


    Why TeleStepper?

    *Reliable- Learn why it’s an official product of the US White House, United Nations, Apple, Universities and Event Producers!

    *Lightweight- Under 45lbs, and easy to transport in one wheeled TSA-approved case

    *FAST setup- Unpack and prompt in less than 8 minutes!

    *Perfect for press conference, shareholder meetings, employee summits, critical content presentations, and annual general meetings (AGM)

    *Vibration-Free Images! TeleStepper ™ is the world’s ONLY stable robotic teleprompter, designed for outdoor events in wind and portable stages.  We don’t use sectional poles that wobble!

    *Requires smaller glass compared to traditional systems, which the audience and media greatly appreciates! 

    *The industry’s ONLY Zero-Tolerance mirror clamp- another TeleStepper first, which prevents teleprompting mirror movement. 

    *Computer or Hand-Held Remote Control Operation- Your Choice!

    *Recession-proof your business during the spring and fall months (ask us how!)

    *Non-hydraulic - no leaking fluids!


    Controlled on stage, OR up to 1,000 ft. away

    TeleStepper ™ is the ONLY vibration-free robotic podium teleprompter, perfect for endurance in wind or portable stages.  We don't use sectional or flimsy shafts that wobble or bend at top of stroke.  

    Eliminate on-stage intrusions! TeleStepper features multiple hands-free control options.  Choose to operate it by computer or LCD hand remote.  Control multiple systems independently or in unison!

    Users have the option of ordering their TeleStepper with custom speeds, custom number of increments and whether those increments are linear or non-linear. Another benefit of owning a TeleStepper!


    Touchless Controls

    TeleStepper is a true industry groundbreaker.  With PresenterTek’s multiple hands-free control options, equipment adjustments no longer need to interrupt presentations.  Now you can custom-fit TeleStepper height to suit each presenter’s needs without touching a thing.   


    The PresenterTek Edge: Engineering, Customer Service, and Reliability

    Innovative engineering is just one component of PresenterTek’s exceptional reputation.  Our customer service goes above and beyond, as we help you master our products’ intuitive processes.  In years to come, you’ll find our reliability unsurpassed.  We’re dedicated to superior engineering, customer service, and reliability.  Together, these serve our ultimate goal of ensuring that your events are punctual, smooth, and uninterrupted.


    Where is TeleStepper in use?

    Everywhere large live or hybrid events with multiple speakers are held. TeleStepper is a vital hands-free asset.  We fill orders worldwide, in an array of settings including universities, corporations, governments, and houses of worship.  

    TeleStepper: Official supplier to the White House Communications Agency, United Nations, Apple and many others!

    Users have the option of ordering their TeleStepper with custom speeds, custom number of increments and whether those increments are linear or non-linear. Another benefit of owning a TeleStepper!

    Your new system includes the following:

    • (2) Robotic Telescoping stands with 24" travel
    • (2) 3/8" base plates
    • (2) monitor adapter plates
    • (2) adjustable mirror clamps
    • (2) monitor shrouds 6" height
    • (1) hand held LCD Display Remote Control Unit
    • (2) 15'Ethernet shielded for connection of stand 1 to stand 2
    • (1) 50' Ethernet shielded cable for connection of Remote Control Unit to stand 
    • (2) 24V wall power supply w/3 pin XLR connector
    • (2) AC line cord
    • (1) Hard Shell SKB, rolling travel case, TSA approved
    • (1) RJ45 coupler
    • (1) 1/8" allen key for mirror clamp adjustment
    • (10) 10-32x1/2" knob screws (2 for mirror clamps), (8 for shrouds)
    • (2) 10-32x3/8" mirror clamp set screws (optional, but included)
    • (8) M4x12 monitor plate screws
    AV Stands Bundle 
    TeleStepper Robotic AV Stands remotely height-adjust during stage, studio, virtual or hybrid events.
    • Eliminate event interruptions.
    • Quiet, seamless adjustments.
    • Operate microphones, PTZ cameras AND teleprompters simultaneously via hand held remote or laptop.
    • Easy to use.
    • Official supplier to The White House Communications Agency, used at colleges and universities, corporate events and more.
      Our robotic stands permit simple microphone, PTZ camera and teleprompting height positioning for your stage, studio, virtual or hybrid events! Mount on floor or ceiling to operate your mics, cameras and teleprompters independently or in tandem - all from the same remote control or computer software! Special adapters also permit light positioning.
      Bundle includes:
      • 2 Patented TeleStepper Robotic Stands
      • Microphone Adapter Kit
      • PTZ Camera Adapter Kit
      • TeleStepper Teleprompting Adapter Kit

      This bundle offers the best value and versatility AV solution available on the market today!

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