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Mic Mover remotely adjusts the height of the microphone stand
Mic Mover with two microphones and stands
Mic Mover with robotic stands lowered

Mic Mover Robotic Stand


    Mic Mover remotely raises or lowers your stage, studio, virtual or hybrid event microphone from over 1000’ away…robotically!   

    See why event producers are relying upon PresenterTek’s Mic Mover.  Quick and silent microphone height changes can be made with a standard computer using our supplied GUI interface, or our simple, hand-held LCD remote control.


    PresenterTek created the Mic Mover to accommodate singular traditional microphone clamps AND microphone boom arms, giving you the versatility your event needs!

    Why the Offset Base?

    Mic Movers feature offset microphone bases for two reasons: performers and speakers can stand closer to the microphone and… when utilizing a mic boom, the base center of gravity offsets the boom mass.  Simple, and effective!

    The MicMover includes 1 stand and a microphone adapter kit.


    Mic Movers carry a 1-year warranty and are the same mechanicals that made the reliable TeleStepper system the world’s #1 robotic rise and fall teleprompter! 

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