It’s no secret the President of the United States relies upon TeleStepper for his weekly prompted speeches, but last Thursday, 23 additional presidents also chose TeleStepper!


CSU 2025 Initiative Conference and Telestepper

Sacramento, California was the site of last week’s CSU 2025 initiative conference, with a goal of boosting graduation rates at all state universities. And as a Chico grad, I was happy to learn the official moderator, Dr. Gayle Hutchinson IS also Chico State’s president!

 In addition to Dr. Hutchinson, Dr. Loren Blanchard, Executive Vice-Chancellor and Governor Gavin Newsom provided closing remarks.  With all 23 CSU University Presidents in attendance, TeleStepper would need to silently adjust to the varied heights of all Presidents and special guest speakers at the two-day conference which represented over 484,300 students!  TeleStepper’s rise-and-fall robotic system quickly and reliably adjusted to all eyelines, controlled remotely with our compact LCD keypad.  During Q &A or when the conference was over, TeleStepper also retracted from view of the press, allowing them to capture better photographs!

 It is an honor for TeleStepper to be chosen as the official robotic teleprompter for this event, but afterwards I received yet another… knowing my alma mater’s President used our product!

 Which took only 29 years after my graduation…

 Dr. Hutchinson and I spoke after the event, and she learned I graduated Chico State in 1990.  She asked several questions about TeleStepper and our involvement in politics and business.  Afterwards, she gave me her business card and said with a big smile, “Email me…I hear a story coming on for our Alumni news!”

 An honor indeed.

Thom Tanner

October 22, 2019