Today’s business tools are undoubtedly plentiful. From time-saving apps, management software, outsourcing and even office robots, we scramble to judge each by its return on investment- based upon our specific needs. But one tool consistently ranks best across all business lines: effective internal and external communication- no matter what yardstick is used. The best product or service won’t stand a chance without that connection, and we know quite well a satisfied customer is the best businesas strategy of all.

Years ago, while attending my state university I noticed our campus was frequently courted by noble, blue-chip companies such as Intel and B of A. With much larger universities at their disposal, I approached the hiring manager for one such corporation and asked him, “Why do you recruit so heavily at Chico State?”

His answer surprised me: “Although your university may be smaller, it has a huge social presence. We desperately need new employees who can communicate, because they become our most valuable asset. Someone who can communicate a good idea is worth more to us than someone who can’t communicate an excellent idea.”

To this day, his sentiments about business communication couldn’t be more spot-on. With 93% of marketing professionals claiming direct eye contact is critical to ensure customer trust and rapport, they also say this key ingredient of improved communication:

  • Creates the most effective client/company partnerships
  • Makes clients feel more secure with their purchases
  • Helps staff feel they’re working towards common goals
  • Boosts client comprehension- which is the ultimate goal of good communication!

So… how DO we create better speakers with improved eye contact- for internal or external audiences? What tool is most effective for those who aren’t public speakers?

Although teleprompters have been around for years, they’ve been utilized mainly by US Presidents and TV newscasters. Looking your best on camera or to a live audience is hyper-critical to these high-profile peeps, and they employ every tool speech Teleprompting offers them.

It’s now 2020, and the savviest marketing professionals and cutting-edge execs are quickly capitalizing upon the benefits of practicing a speech or delivering a live message using a product such as TeleStepper. If your goal is to improve your career and boost message comprehension as quickly as possible, speech teleprompting can be a secret weapon. Financially, it’s extremely rewarding because it helps establish a deep connection and goodwill with your customers.

Teleprompters are a great aid to speakers – whether they are US Presidents or used in business. It takes a special gift to speak extemporaneously. Not everyone is comfortable when speaking off-the-cuff, but that’s not a reflection on his or her intelligence or ideas. TeleStepper allows for rapid eyeline positioning (and compact stowing) of the teleprompting glass when speakers have completed their presentation, and have been a great aid to speakers in business. Compact to fit within the smallest conference rooms but large enough to accommodate auditoriums, TeleStepper’s use in business is well-known. Leaders such as Tim Cook, Brian Underwood, Michael Wirth and many others who demand message impact- and ultimate comprehension now rely upon TeleStepper to communicate their message successfully.

Thom Tanner, January 7, 2020