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TeloMic Robotic Microphone
TeloMic Robotic Microphone with cable and screws
TeloMic Robotic Microphone attached to a lectern
TeloMic Robotic Microphone attached to a lectern with parts needed to operate it
Side view of TeloMic Robotic Microphone attached to a lectern
TeloMic parts without the TeloMic

TeloMic® The world’s-first, non-contact microphone positioner!

    • Description

    The touchless robotic microphone, custom-fit to every speaker at every podium.

    DON’T touch that mic! (Hint: TeloMic adjusts hands-free!) Tired of adjusting mic height and volume levels for your speakers and audience?  TeloMic is the answer!  Why?  Let’s take a closer look...

    Touchless Controls

    Introducing an industry-first, the TeloMic non-contact telescoping microphone stand.  Speakers no longer need to manually reposition their microphone height OR sanitize it between speakers.  With TeloMic, simply wave a hand under the lectern and watch your microphone move up, or down to the perfect level!   Event producers and sound engineers can also control adjustments - up to 1,000’ away! 

    Silent Mechanics

    PresenterTek didn’t stop there…  We added an audio muting circuit!  When a TeloMic is moving, microphone output is silenced until the mic reaches the desired height, allowing the TeloMic to run silent and go unnoticed.    

    Why TeloMic?

    After surveying many audio engineers and event producers, we learned their #1 problem during events was improper mic placement.  Most speakers don’t realize they could manually adjust the microphone stand.  Volume levels were never correct or consistent, and event attendees suffered.  With both kid-size speakers and pro-basketball players using the same microphone, the world desperately needed a robotically-adjustable microphone stand.     

    Then, along came 2020. Covid19 precautions made it obvious: don’t touch that mic!   Sound engineers and AV technicians agree, the TeloMic is becoming invaluable for houses of worship, hybrid speaking events, corporate presentations, and hotels.

    Compact and Clever!

    PresenterTek engineers realize that, above all, TeloMic must be user-friendly.  So, we provide a simple foot/handswitch, a non-contact optical switch…or the ability to use both!   

    A Variety of Mounting Options

    Our integrated reversible clamp permits side, front or through-hole mounting, and regardless if your lectern is made of marble, wood, steel or Acrylic construction, we have both permanent and semi-permanent mounting solutions to fit your needs!     

    Affordable and Valuable!

    TeloMic saves time and money by providing your audience with the best possible audio clarity, resulting in better comprehension… the holy grail of successful events!  TeloMic also saves time by eliminating repeated microphone cleanings, wipe-downs and the use of sanitizing sprays, which can damage costly microphones.


    TeloMic accepts both XLR microphones requiring “Phantom power” and traditional microphones which utilize a 5/8”-27 thread.  An integrated capacitance switch ensures proper line resistance.

    Click here for  TeloMic Specifications


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