TeleMic- Solving Audio Problems!

    Our TeleMic is a patented solution to solving volume and clarity issues at live events! 

    Speakers of all heights will benefit from our non-contact adjustment which positions XLR microphones at any speaker height.  Audio technicians love the ability to control microphone heights from anywhere.

    • Adjusts Microphone Heights From 0-14” inches (fits most speakers 5’ to 6’2” tall)
    • Improves Audio levels by over 50%, both in volume and clarity!
    • Increases Audience Speech Comprehension!
    • Quiet: Movements are not detected in Mic output
    • Non-Contact: Speakers do not need touch Microphone
    • Compact- only 3” square!
    • Accepts any XLR-style microphone (16-18” Lg. recommended)
    • Adaptable, Repositionable Mounting- fits any lectern
    • Communicate via common Cat5+ RJ45 cables
    • Operate from hundreds of feet away using wall or battery power
    • Optional battery power has USB output

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