Tele Z-Spin
Tele Z-Spin
Tele Z-Spin

Tele Z-Spin


    An industry first! Tele Z-Spins can be operated using PTZ keyboard joystick controllers from Sony, Panasonic, PTZOptics, Skaarhoj, ROCOSOFT and many others. Every Tele Z-Spin can be remotely controlled over the Internet!

    What is the Tele Z-Spin?

    • Automate Your Broadcast Studio Production!
    • Allows Studio PTZ and Standard Camera Robotic Prompting
    • Uses Any PTZ Controller or Our LCD Handheld Remote to Operate!
    • Accepts 125lb Payloads
    • Allows 24” of Quiet Z-axis Travel
    • Accommodates Sitting or Standing Talent 
    • Rotates +/-135 degrees, Robotically
    • Quiet…only 29dB!
    • Remotely Control Anywhere in the World!
    • Allows Compound Z-axis and Rotational Movements
    • Absolute and Relative Positioning
    • Manual Z-Axis Footswitch Up/Down Buttons
    • Accepts 128 Preset Positions
    • NDI Compliant
    • Accessories Include Optional Circular Handle and On-Board AC Power
    • Customizable…Purchase With Prompter Hood, PTZ Cameras, Talent Monitor, etc. 
    • Floor or Inverted Ceiling Mounting Capable
    • Affordable and Reliable!

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