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  • Podium Prompter®- A Patent-Pending, Industry-First Teleprompting Lectern!
Podium Prompter Robotic teleprompter built into the lectern
text on the glass of a teleprompter facing the audience
view of the Podium Prompter from the back

Podium Prompter®- A Patent-Pending, Industry-First Teleprompting Lectern!

    • Description

    The Podium with the built-in robotic teleprompter! 

    Simple foot pedals adjustments raise or lower the teleprompter, and it touchlessly stows away into its place within the podium.

    What is the Podium Prompter?

    • First in class, the Podium Prompter is a podium with a built-in robotic teleprompter that raises and lowers controlled by foot pedals.   
    • Improves speaker confidence by drawing their attention to their work rather than their audience.
    • Increases speaker’s eye contact and rapport-building with the audience as they look toward the audience rather than at notes or their laptop.
    • Audience comprehension increases measurably when the speaker uses a teleprompter rather than notes.
    • Works for small group settings as well as auditoriums.

     Height Changes Made ROBOTICALLY!

    Introducing an industry-first; the Podium Prompter.  It’s robotic teleprompter raises and lowers to suit every speaker’s height.  The teleprompter then stowes itself away in int compartment within the podium.  Adjustments are controlled by two foot pedals.  PresenterTek prioritizes hands-free and safe technology so that you can build trust with your community and speakers as you move to reopen..   

    Where can Heads Up Display (HUD) technology be found?

    1. Fighter Jets
    2. High-End Cars
    3. The Podium Prompter
    4. All of the above!!!

     Teleprompters Improve Speaker Presentations

    Teleprompters improve speakers’ effectiveness in a number of ways.  A speaker who would be fearful and self-conscious while using notes while speaking to a group, would find the teleprompter an effective way for him to make eye contact while still focusing on his presentation.  Teleprompters free speakers to gesticulate and face the audience head-on without fumbling with their notes.

    Why PresenterTek?

    At PresenterTek, we’re on a mission to make game-changing innovations that solve real-world problems.  To identify those problems in AV production, we asked audio engineers and sound techs to identify their biggest challenges.  Then, we invented first-in-class products solving those problems.  Whether you’re shopping for a single item upgrade, or the complete Touchless Solutions Suite, PresenterTek offers top-quality innovation at affordable price points.  

    PresenterTek keeps it intuitive.  

    Everything in our lineup is 

    Tech and Talent Operable!

     Touchless = Safety

    Touchless technology creates a safe environment by eliminating the contagions exposure that’s unavoidable with hand adjustments.  And that, in turn necessitates wipe-downs and the use of sanitizing sprays, which can damage costly equipment.

    A Pilot’s view using HUD technology…


    Click here for Podium Prompter White Paper

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