Ultimate Prompting and Broadcast Video Packages!

You’ll benefit from our experience in packaging prompting and video broadcast products.  And purchase from one supplier at a price significantly less than sourcing components individually.

We offer 24/7 support on all products and free training!


Broadcast TV Packages

  • High-Quality PTZ Cameras
  • PTZ and Video Prompting Hoods
  • Talent Monitor Options
  • High-Quality PTZ Cameras
  • LED Time Keepers
  • Dynamic Cable Management







TeleStepper & AV Kit Package:

Inside two matching hard-shell, waterproof, rolling ATA-approved flight cases:

  • World-Famous TeleStepper® Robotic Rise-And-Fall Presidential Teleprompter (see TeleStepper page)
  • TeleStepper Remote Control OR Computer-Control Converter Box, your choice!
  • Beamsplitter Glass 60/40, 10” x 12” Robotic-Sized for Subtle Presentations
  • HighBright (HB) 17” Monitors, Auto-Reversing, 1000 NIT, (Inputs) 3G-SDI / VGA / HDMI / Composite
  • SDI / BNC Video Cables, 75’ and 10’
  • Shrouds / Circular Surrounds to Conceal Monitors
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • AC adapters included, battery operable
  • Presentation Prompter Software (Mac only) Please email or call for details
  • PresenterTek’s 2 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor) *Excludes Beamsplitter Glass  


All-in-One AV Solution

Operate microphones, PTZ cameras & teleprompters robotically.

TeleStepper Robotic AV Stands remotely height-adjust during stage, studio, virtual or hybrid events.

Robotic AV Stands
  • Eliminate event interruptions.

  • Quiet, seamless adjustments.

  • Operate microphones, PTZ cameras AND teleprompters simultaneously via hand held remote or laptop.

  • Easy to use.

  • Official supplier to The White House Communications Agency, used at colleges and universities, corporate events and more.

Our robotic stands permit simple microphone, PTZ camera and teleprompting height positioning for your stage, studio, virtual or hybrid events! Mount on floor or ceiling to operate your mics, cameras and teleprompters independently or in tandem - all from the same remote control or computer software! Special adapters also permit light positioning.

Bundle includes:

  • 2 Patented TeleStepper Robotic Stands

  • Microphone Adapter Kit

  • PTZ Camera Adapter Kit

  • TeleStepper Teleprompting Adapter Kit 

This bundle offers the best value and versatility AV solution available on the market today!


Tele Z-Spin

Tele Z-Spins: Tell us your studio broadcast needs, and we’ll design a package.  We offer prompting hoods in various sizes, for box or PTZ cameras in 1, 2 or even 3 camera setups for wide or tight shots.   Our partners include PTZ Optics, Birddog, Skaarhoj, Sony and more, supporting various control protocols. 

PresenterTek is the only manufacturer that creates pedestal or inverted/ceiling convertible mounting applications with our clever, prompter hood cradle! 





PTZ movers: We offer packages with PTZ Optics, Birddog, Sony PTZ cameras and controllers.  Already have cameras?  Our robotics integrate with any PTZ camera controller on the market.  Choose from inverted, ceiling or  angular wall mounts and stage single/dual/triple camera mounts to add dynamic realism to your event.  It’s an inexpensive and very smart alternative to cranes and jibs.  Our packages are perfect for Houses of Worship, Corporate or A/V events!