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PresenterTek’s simple yet cutting-edge AV equipment increases your faith message’s clarity and impact, while maximizing community safety.


Church view of audience from a podium
We designed our touchless robotic lineup to meet all your weekly service and event needs.  In today’s ever-changing climate, you require flexible equipment that adapts to online and live use, in venues ranging from houses of worship to your very own house.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
In these trying times, maintaining connection to community members is all the more important.  PresenterTek equipment facilitates just that. The TeleStepper, for example, guides speakers to address the faith message without distraction, loosing their place, or falling off schedule.  Designed for ease of use, PresenterTek improves presentation quality threefold.  It frees speakers to focus on their subject matter, maintain direct eye contact or eye-camera contact, and build congregants’ trust.                                                                                           
Our touchless presentation equipment renders your faith events credible, safe, and responsible. PresenterTek eliminates the interruptions and sanitation issues of manual equipment adjustments.  Instead, make adjustments on-site with discreet touchless gestures, or up to 1,000 feet away via our intuitive interface, operable from your laptop.
Whether your faith community is traditional or modern, small or large, PresenterTek Equipment can improve your faith presentation and message clarity so that you can truly reach those in need. Powerful tools though they are, our products are compact and easy to use for your faith community’s experts and novices alike. 

TeleStepper®, Official Teleprompter of:

  • The White House Communications Agency (WHCA)
  • California State Assembly 
  • Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook
  • California Democratic Convention
  • University of California
  • Cambridge University

PresenterTek Solutions:

  • TeleStepper 
  • TeloMic
  • Podium Prompter
  • Mic Mover
  • PTZ Mover
  • TeleSpin