PresenterTek’s robotic hands-free AV equipment meets the needs of the Hospitality Industry better than any of its competitors.  

Microphone with an audience in the background
Our touchless presentation equipment renders your venue’s speaking events credible, safe, and cutting-edge. PresenterTek eliminates the interruptions and sanitation issues of manual equipment adjustments. Instead, make adjustments on-site with discreet touchless gestures, or up to 1,000 feet away via our intuitive interface, operable from laptop, control booth, or our LCD remote control.                                                                                                                        
Whatever your company’s needs, PresenterTek offers the ultimate versatility, with individually targeted solutions, or as a complete solutions suite that can transform your venue into a “Touchless Operation.” 
 People in an auditorium looking at the stage
As corporations evolve from the belief that being in an office is imperative to conduct business, hotels are uniquely positioned to take an active role in the reshaping workspace, and PresenterTek is ready to equip them.                           

TeleStepper®, Official Teleprompter of:

  • The White House Communications Agency (WHCA)
  • California State Assembly 
  • Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook
  • California Democratic Convention
  • University of California
  • Cambridge University

PresenterTek Solutions:

  • TeleStepper 
  • TeloMic
  • Podium Prompter
  • Mic Mover
  • PTZ Mover
  • TeleSpin