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PresenterTek’s robotic AV stands remotely height-adjust
your teleprompter, microphone or PTZ cameras during commencement or any stage, studio, virtual or hybrid event!


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Inc. speaking with a TeleStepper Robotic Teleprompting System to an audience at Stanford University Commencement
Often commencement ceremonies have multiple speakers on stage.  Our patented robotic AV stands solve the problem of manual equipment adjustments for each speaker.  Instead, make adjustments  up to 1,000 feet away via a hand held remote or laptop.  Perfect for any and all multi-speaker events.
PresenterTek improves presentation quality threefold.  It frees speakers to focus on their subject matter, maintain direct eye contact and build audience trust.  In turn, your speaker’s messaging gains an effective edge.


    Value And Versatility, All In One Solution!

    PresenterTek's Robotic AV Stands are not just for commencements.  The value in these stands is you can use them throughout the year for all events at your university whether it is a stage, studio, virtual or hybrid event.  The versatility allows you to use the robotic stands for either microphones, PTZ cameras or a teleprompter depending on your event needs!


    TeleStepper®, Official Teleprompter of:

    • The White House Communications Agency (WHCA)
    • California State Assembly 
    • Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook
    • California Democratic Convention
    • University of California
    • Cambridge University

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