Give your company the elegant edge with

PresenterTek’s robotic presentation equipment.


TeleStepper Robotic Teleprompting System on a stage
Advanced AV tools such as teleprompters are trending in corporate sector conferences and day-to-day meetings, be they online or live.  Advantages are crucial in today’s competitive market, and teleprompters guide speakers to stay on-topic, accurate, and on schedule. By smoothing transitions within speeches and between speakers, PresenterTek improves presentation quality threefold.  It frees speakers to focus on their subject matter, maintain direct eye contact or eye-camera-contact, and build audience trust. Uninterrupted, speaker confidence and professionalism skyrocket.  In turn, messaging gains a rare yet crucial effectiveness, propelling them closer to their goals.                                   

Our touchless presentation equipment renders your company speaking events credible, safe, and cutting-edge. PresenterTek eliminates the interruptions and sanitation issues of manual equipment adjustments. Instead, make adjustments on-site with discreet touchless gestures, or up to 1,000 feet away via our intuitive interface, operable from laptop, control booth, or our LCD remote control.

Whatever your company’s needs, PresenterTek offers the ultimate versatility, with individually targeted solutions, or as a complete solutions suite, scalable to any venue size, online and in-person.

Your company meetings conclude with the utmost finesse, as our robotic equipment lowers out of the way for Q&A sessions or photos at speech’s end.


TeleStepper®, Official Teleprompter of:

  • The White House Communications Agency (WHCA)
  • California State Assembly 
  • Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook
  • California Democratic Convention
  • University of California
  • Cambridge University

PresenterTek Solutions:

  • TeleStepper 
  • TeloMic
  • Podium Prompter
  • Mic Mover
  • PTZ Mover
  • TeleSpin