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  • PTZMover and PTZMoverIP PTZ Camera Robotic Stand Kit - An Industry First!
PTZ Mover raises and lowers the PTZ Camera remotely
PTZ Mover with plate attachment
PTZ Mover installed in a ceiling
PTZ Mover installed in a ceiling and remotely lowered
PTZ Mover Vertical Pipe Grid mounting bracket
PTZMover and PTZMoverIP  PTZ Camera Robotic Stand Kit - An Industry First!

PTZMover and PTZMoverIP PTZ Camera Robotic Stand Kit - An Industry First!


    The PTZ camera stand  that rises and lowers robotically for stage, studio, virtual or corporate boardroom  events.

    Robotic PTZ camera stand. Perfectly position your PTZ camera remotely to the any heights you need without ever leaving your seat!  

    Choose between multiple Control Options:

    Handheld Controller with LCD display

    • 2 Up/Down analog control buttons
    • 4 preset positions buttons
    • Back lite LCD and keys for darkroom operation
    • Controls up to 4 stands, independently or in unison


    PC Computer Control

    • Allows easier control of multiple stands at different heights
    • Controls up to 8 stands, independently or in unison
    • Unlimited number of  preset positions
    • Connects to Windows PC via a USB port
    • Requires USB Converter box
    • Free software, Windows PC only


    IP Control with PTZMoverIP option

    An industry first! PTZMoverIP can be operated using PTZ Camera keyboard joystick controllers and Broadcast Studio production systems from popular names such as: Sony, PTZOptics, Rocosoft, Skaarhoj, Crestron, NewTek, Ross Video, and many others!

    • Standard 10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 input
    • Built in HTML server and free PC based software for fast and easy configuration to you LAN and specific controller
    • Analog joystick control, custom velocity and preset positions configurable using  standard VISCA commands


    What is the PTZMover and PTZMoverIP?

    • Operate the PTZ mover using any PTZ camera controller (PTZMoverIP option), or Hand-Held Remote or your laptop computer!
    • Easily adjust the height of your mounted PTZ camera, as often as you need!
    • Expands your filming possibilities with height-adjustability options.
    • Centralizes control into the hands of the stage operator.
    • Eliminates the need for stagehand walk-ons to make adjustments manually.
    • Standard heights: 6", 12", 18" and 24" or customizable upon request.
    • Simulate complicated dolly or jib shots while adding realism and versatility to your event!
    • Floor, Ceiling (PipeGrid or UniStrut ) and Horizontal Wall mounts are available.


    Why PresenterTek?

    At PresenterTek, we’re on a mission to make game-changing innovations that solve real-world problems.  To identify those problems in AV production, we asked audio engineers and sound techs to identify their biggest challenges.  Then, we invented first-in-class products solving those problems.  Whether you’re shopping for a single item upgrade, or the complete Robotic AV stands bundle, PresenterTek offers top-quality innovation at affordable price points.  


    Invaluable, Yet Affordable!

    The PTZMover saves time and money by making PTZ camera height adjustments easy.  It  also saves time and interruptions by eliminating the manual adjustments.  

    The PTZMoverIP Kit includes:

    • 1 robotic stand
    • 1 PTZ Camera Adapter Kit
    • 50' Ethernet cable
    • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz power supply

    Click here for PTZ Mover Spec Sheet

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