We know meetings and events still have to happen in order to get things done!

Planners and production partners now want new technologies that help maintain social distancing guidelines and as touchless as possible for their events.  When a virtual event just won’t work for your event, PresenterTek will.  Whether it’s a small/simple meeting or a hybrid event, we have you covered!

Special events, trade shows, and conferences are a huge part of the professional ecosystem.

PresenterTek is your supplier of robotic presentation equipment for corporate, political, Houses of Worship and Universities. Special events, trade shows, and conferences are a huge part of the professional ecosystem.  From small business meetings to large hybrid events, PresenterTek has you covered.


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                Computer Control USB to RS485 Converter


                Stand only


                Base plates 5/8"


                18" Shaft Extensions for TeleStepper, MicMover and PTZ Booster


                TeleStepper Auxilliary Kit


                TeloMic® The world’s-first, non-contact microphone positioner!


                TeleStepper® - Robotic Stage and Speech Teleprompter


                PTZ Mover- An Industry First!


                Podium Prompter®- A Patent-Pending, Industry-First Teleprompting Lectern!


                MicMover- Remote and Rapid Positioning of Your Microphone Stand!

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